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Top 10 Storage Mistakes

  • 1. Over-packing your boxes

    Make sure you can still lift the boxes you pack.
  • 2. Flimsy boxes

    Cardboard boxes are cheap. Don't waste time with boxes that you cannot stack.
  • 3. Forgetting to label your boxes

    You will not remember where you placed that one item you will need in 6 months. Be sure to label your boxes carefully.
  • 4. Packing on top of fragile items

    Make sure your boxes of fragile items are clearly marked and light, so you can place them on top of the stack.
  • 5. Storing food items

    Food attracts unwanted guests. Keep your food at home.
  • 6. Forgetting to buy Renter's Insurance

    Your homeowner's insurance may not cover your stored items.
  • 7. Storing dirty appliances

    Clean and dry all appliances before you store them.
  • 8. Storing toxins or flammables

  • 9. Using printed newspaper

    Newspaper ink can smudge and bleed. Beware.
  • 10. Storing your items on the floor or against walls

    Concrete and metal attract moisture. Stack your boxes on wood or pallets and keep them away from the walls.
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Top 10

Storage Mistakes

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