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Archival Storage

Whether you're looking to store just a few items, archive your business paperwork or put most of your possessions in a safe place for a few weeks, months or years this could be a cost-effective and flexible solution for you.

Cost effective storage of business critical documents such as accounting records, statutory company records, client files, legal documents and files and healthcare records is a modern headache. For years and years, records management has been considered incompatible with self-storage, self-storage consultants who do not understand the nature of the records business have fostered the myth. Commercial records operators have been busy grabbing existing business from self-storage businesses. This is true because most self storage operators do not understand the reasons that their customers left them for the traditional, commercial records centers. The best part of the records business is its longevity; records tend to stay in your facility forever.

There are many differing by sensible reasons that companies use a storage facility to store and archive their business documents.

  • Secure space at far less cost than a sq foot business rental
  • Risk management and disaster planning strategies to safeguard their enterprise
  • A safe and private facility to access your stored data
  • Peace of mind knowing that your documents are secured and accessible when you need them

Climate Control Storage. This is a safer option to choose to help prevent damage if you have items that require storage in a climate controlled environment. Many of the items you plan on storing may require some type to climate control in order to remain in good condition.

Climate control storage space ensures that nothing will be damaged by extreme hot or cold temperatures. It eliminates the humidity in the air and keeps the temperature from falling below 55 degrees or rising above 80 degrees.

With these features, your belongings will be protected against any rapid change of external temperatures. Climate controlled space also provides a cleaner environment by filtering dust particles out of the air. This will keep items cleaner and fresher. Utilize special climate controlled space for items such as Electronic equipment, computers, business files and records, and many other special items.

If you have made the decision to archive paper records either on a temporary or permanent basis, then you should be looking into off-site storage facilities. This outsourcing arrangement has a number of benefits that guarantee a long term return on investment.

In general, those benefits include:

  • Releasing valuable office space. Rental per square foot is often many times greater in an office suite than in a managed ware-house.
  • Reduction in the time taken to search and retrieve important information. You always know where you are keeping your documents.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements for document storage. Clients can be solicitors, accountants and financial services companies, but also include insurance companies, hotel groups, marketing companies, advertising agencies, publishing companies and many others.
  • Highly sensitive data can be stored securely, offsite. Don't worry about keeping sensitive data on site.
  • Protect your business against unforeseen events. Every business should be aware of the need for a managed disaster recovery plan.

Peace of mind that your documents are in a safe and secure place. Potential clients have, in the past, used all manner of buildings to store their archives from chicken sheds to third bedrooms where fire protection, humidity and temperature are all a serious is-sue.

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